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The Fisher Price V Dora Doll 3 in 1 is an engaging and versatile 14" baby doll designed to provide children with multiple play options. Inspired by the beloved character Dora from the popular animated series, this doll offers a range of interactive features and accessories for imaginative play. With its realistic design, sound effects, and interchangeable components, the V Dora Doll 3 in 1 delivers endless entertainment and opportunities for nurturing role-play.

  • Size: The V Dora Doll 3 in 1 measures approximately 14 inches, making it a perfect size for young children to hold, cuddle, and play with comfortably.

  • Interactive Features: This baby doll comes with 16 IC (Integrated Circuit) sound chips, enabling it to produce a wide range of sounds, phrases, and melodies. These interactive features enhance the play experience by adding realism and interactivity to the doll actions and interactions.

  • Interchangeable Components: The V Dora Doll 3 in 1 includes various interchangeable components that allow children to transform the doll appearance and role. These components may include different outfits, hairstyles, and accessories, providing versatility and encouraging imaginative play.

  • Design: The doll is designed to resemble a baby, featuring lifelike details such as a soft body, expressive facial features, and realistic clothing. Its size and design make it easy for children to engage in nurturing and pretend play.

  • Age : 3 Years and above.

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