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The Fisher Price V Dora Doll 14" Baby Doll Deluxe with 12 Sounds is an adorable and interactive toy designed to provide young children with an engaging playtime experience. This baby doll features the beloved character Dora from the popular animated series and comes with a variety of sounds to enhance the play and storytelling possibilities. With its realistic design, soft body, and interactive features, the V Dora Doll Deluxe offers hours of imaginative play and companionship.

  • Size: The V Dora Doll Deluxe measures approximately 14 inches, making it a perfect size for young children to hold, cuddle, and play with comfortably.

  • Design: This baby doll is designed to resemble a sweet and huggable baby, featuring a soft body, charming facial expressions, and colorful clothing. Its lifelike appearance and size make it easy for children to engage in nurturing and pretend play.

  • Interactive Features: The V Dora Doll Deluxe comes with 12 built-in sounds that can be activated through touch or other interactive elements. These sounds may include phrases, giggles, or other fun noises, enhancing the play experience and encouraging imaginative storytelling.

  • Accessories: The doll may come with additional accessories that complement the playtime experience. The specific accessories included can vary but may include items like a bottle, pacifier, or other baby care essentials, allowing children to engage in nurturing and role-playing scenarios.

  • Age : 3 Years and above.

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