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Up your game with insane combos, ammo and action with X-Shot Insanity! The X-Shot Insanity Bezerko packs enough power to take on targets 27m / 90 feet away! This blaster blows away the competition with a rapid-fire of 8 darts in seconds using the rotating barrel, plus an insane amount of dart storage to hold an additional 66 darts to keep you locked and loaded in battle. Use the bolt action priming mechanism to strike the competition before they see you coming. X-Shot darts include Air Pocket Technology for a faster, further, and more accurate blast. Combine the Bezerko with other Insanity blasters to make the most insane blaster! Checkout and shop other X-Shot collection for more fun and excitement.

  • Firing Power: Have an insane battle and blast opponents up to 27m / 90 feet away with this powerful blaster!
  • Dart Storage: Load up the Bezerko with 66 additional darts with the 3 modular dart storage units. Product does not include all darts in Image.
  • Recommend to purchase Insanity Refill Pack.
  • Air Pocket Technology Darts: Includes 48 Air Pocket Technology Darts for a further, faster, and more accurate blast!
  • Rotating 8 Dart Barrel: Rapid-fire of 8 darts in seconds using the rotating barrel.
  • Insane Blaster: Have your mind blown by the X-Shot Insanity Bezerko Blaster. Combine the Bezerko with other Insanity Blasters to create the most EPIC blaster you have ever seen!
  • 8 Years and above.
  • Batteries not required.
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