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KWD 3.950

ARM CHAIR CADDY Designed to Fit Over Most Couch, Recliner and Chair Arms. Great sturdy 5 Pockets organizer will keep your iPad, remotes, game controllers, eye glasses, mobile phones organized and easily accessible with expandable band for magazine and newspapers.

Has a convenient flat tray top, to hold your favorite snacks and drinks nearby, within reach, and close at hand when watching TV or sitting at sofa with family and friends, especially during those exciting sports games.

End the frustration of having to look for remote controls when you need them, and not have to look for them all over the room and even between sofa seats or under sofas, sofa tables, and more. Know where they are at all times and end your misery and frustration of searching for remotes when they get misplaced.

  • Light weight, incorporating convenient, dust and mildew proof anti-bacterial.
  • Good air permeability.
  • Convenient DIY, folding up without use it.
  • Accommodating a variety of gadgets, newspapers or magazines, pens, can make better use of space.
  • Fabric texture and toughness, suitable for long-term use, and has a moisture-proof effect.
  • Made from good quality materials with neatly stitched pockets, this is the stylish way to keep all your essentials nearby.
  • Help u keep sofa tidy and clean.
  • Foldable and durable.
  • Handy tray for drinks, pens and other essentials.
  • Durable fabric which forms around the armrest.
  • Easy Clean Up,Space-saving and moisture-proof, simple but comfortable.
  • 14 Years and above
  • Batteries not required
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