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The Kinetic Sand Treasure Hunt set from Spin Master combines the epic adventure of searching for hidden treasure with an interactive, sensory experience. The treasure chest is filled with brown Kinetic Sand and contains nine hidden treasures for kids to find. To find all the treasure, kids can follow along with an illustrated treasure map that shows each step of the hunt. Or, kids can try to unlock all the secrets on their own! The key to unlock the chest is connected by a string to the mouth of a golden shark on top of the chest, so only the fastest of pirates can snatch it out of his jaws before they clamp shut. Once the chest is unlocked, kids can use a bronze shovel to dig through the sand. Kinetic Sand is always wet and never dries out, so treasure hunters can dig through the chest repeatedly and handle the dough-like sand with little mess. Buried in the sand, they will find a silver cutlass, a golden octopus carver, and a secret roller. After uncovering these items, kids can p

  • Following the instructions they rolled into the sand, little pirates can push the roller into a circular spot on the base of the chest to remove the wooden panel on the bottom. Then, a golden shark made of glittering Kinetic Sand will fall out of the chest.
  • Kids will need to grab their trusty new cutlass and slice the dangerous shark before it can attack. Once the shark has been defeated, kids can use the golden octopus carver to dig through the shimmering sand and discover five hidden jewels the shark had been protecting.
  • Clean-up is especially easy too! All of the tools, treasures, and sand fit perfectly in the chest until the next treasure hunt. While Kinetic Sand does an excellent job of sticking together (I carried it around with no mess), recommended putting down a towel before play to catch any tiny bits of sand that may come off of the tools.
  • This Kinetic Sand playset will inspire kids imaginations and encourage their adventurous spirit.
  • 3 Years and above.
  • Batteries not required.
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