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Become the ultimate Bakugan master with the Bakugan Pro Shields of Vestroia Starter Set! Inside your set, you’ll find 40 cards with awesome card art and three Bakugan – everything you need to start playing the Bakugan Trading Card Game! Unbox and roll right into action with your new ferocious Bakugan (one Bakugan Ultra and two Bakugan included). Send your Bakugan spinning and they’ll pop open, transforming from BakuBalls into Bakugan ready for battle! Roll your Bakugan Ultra for leap open Baku-Action! Unleash the power of your Action, Evo, Hero and Flip game cards. Plus, use new powers with the Fusion cards and power up your Bakugan with the Baku-Gear accessories (sold separately) when you play Baku-Gear cards during a brawl! With 40 ability cards, six BakuCores and three character cards to use, you can take on the best brawlers around! The Bakugan Pro Shields of Vestroia Starter Set is the perfect way for any Bakugan fan to start or add to their collection – collect them all.
UNBOX AND PLAY: Find everything you need to roll into action in the Shields of Vestroia Starter Set! Customize your deck from 40 cards, then head into battle with 3 Bakugan and 6 BakuCores!,ROLL TO TRANSFORM: Roll your Bakugan (2 included) for pop open Baku-Action! Roll your Bakugan Ultra (included) and it will leap open, picking up a BakuCore and revealing its power. How do you roll?,COLLECT, TRADE, BATTLE: Begin your Bakugan collection or add to it with the transforming Bakugan, character cards, BakuCores and ability cards from this set. Trade with friends or head into battle!,The Bakugan Pro Shields of Vestroia Starter Set is a great gift for kids aged 6 and up. Roll into Baku-Action and bring the world of Bakugan (now on NETFLIX) to life!
6 Y and above
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