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Who is this adorable little bundle? It,s BABY born Surprise Mermaid Surprise! A colour-changing ocean friend with lots of exciting surprise features!This sweet mer-baby is looking for a playmate to splash in her special shell bathtub with! Take her out of her swaddle, then pop her into cold water. Wait for it wow! Your dolls hair has magically changed colour! Just like a real baby, this gorgeous girl drinks real water from her bottle she even wees! When she wets her nappy, it reveals a brand new colour and pattern effect!More spellbinding surprises await when you drop BABY born Surprise Mermaid Surprise teeny starfish bag into the water. It dissolves to reveal a mermaid swimsuit inside.

  • Includes doll with color change hair, 2 diapers with surprises, 2 charms, charm bracelet, swimsuit, mermaid towel, bottle and seashell bathtub.

  • For playing and collecting With drinking and pee function including magical diapers. The varied (role) play with BABY born Surprise stimulates the imagination and demonstrably.

  • supports the development of social skills and values such as responsibility, communication and empathy.

  • 3 years and above.

  • Batteries are not required.

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