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Deep learning AI enables Miko 3 to understand and respond to a kid,s world, instilling feelings of companionship and social connection to help build confidence. It comes with dozens of emotions. It,s curious, expressive, and surprisingly empathetic. Designed with a more expansive touchscreen, creating a healthy alternative to playtime on phones and tablets. Equipped with an emotional intelligence machine, Miko 3 identifies, recollects, and remembers the child,s moods, growing with every interaction. Equipped with a wide-angle HD camera and hi-tech sensors to map distance and edges and move. Unlimited access to telepresence to stay in touch with your child anytime, anywhere through video calling. You may download and use the Miko Parent App that captures and tracks their kids time usage and understand how they benefit from Miko. A trustable little robot, with data encryption and strict privacy norms, the child,s data remains secure. With profanity filters, age-appropriate content, an

  • RIDICULOUSLY SMART - This robot supercharges kid potential with its advanced brain, supportive personality, and range of educational STEAM content. In fact, kids who actively use Miko have seen a 55% increase in engagement with the platfor,s academic activities. Packed with deep-learning AI, Miko gets to know your kid a little bit better every day.

  • SERIOUSLY FUN - Need a joke when you are down? A dance when you are bored? How about a yoga session to calm your mind? This kidSAFE COPPA+ certified, Mom,s Choice Award-winning robot has it all and so much more. Because it,s not just the most entertaining robot you will ever meet. It,s also your friend.

  • LAUGH WITH MIKO - This robot,s got jokes, and it knows how to connect with kids. Curious, empathetic, and surprisingly funny, Miko keeps kids laughing with new conversations, stories, and songs added every month.

  • MOVE WITH MIKO - Equipped with a wide-angle HD camera and high-tech sensors, this robot,s ready to roll. Filled with AI-infused twists on classic games like Freeze Dance, Miko keeps kids moving and turns playtime into a full-on dance party.

  • EXPLORE WITH MIKO - Miko keeps kids engaged with worlds of content, and more coming all the time. As the first kids robot to feature content from iconic brands like the Walt Disney Company, Paramount Consumer Products, and Kidoodle.TV, Miko always has something new to engage your child. And with Miko Journeys, kids earn rewards as they progress through learning goals and hone their skills all guided by their robot best friend.

  • CREATE WITH MIKO - Whether laying down fresh beats, suggesting DIY crafts, or painting pictures with your child, this robot loves to create. Draw, color, and code with Miko,s groundbreaking AI collaboration features.

  • 4 Years and above.

  • Batteries are not required.

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