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Like the UNO and DOS card games, DOS Second Edition players have to try to get rid of their cards as soon as possible, but this time with new cards and rules designed to make the game even more fun during game nights at family. There are TWO discard piles, and each card with the number “2” in the deck is a “Joker TWO” card, meaning it can be any color the player wants, but it still counts as number “2”. Includes the classic special cards, plus a special card called "Draw Two." This forces the next player to play at least 2 cards on his turn, and if he can't, he will have to draw two cards. It is much more dynamic and promises much more fun for game nights with family and friends. Colors and decoration may vary. Checkout and shop other Mattel Uno collection for more fun and excitement.

  • The DOS Second Edition Card Game includes new cards and rules for big game night fun!
  • In order to get rid of their cards as quickly as possible, players can discard them to either of the TWO discard piles, or even both!
  • All cards with the number 2 are Joker TWO cards and can be played with any colour the player wishes, but they will still count as number 2
  • The special card Draw Two forces the next player to discard at least 2 cards on their turn, and if they can,t they have to draw 2 cards.
  • If a player plays 2 special cards in the same turn, the next player must do what BOTH cards say.
  • Players have to yell DOS! when they have TWO cards left, but everyone will feel like game night winners with DOS Second Edition!
  • 7 Years and above.
  • Batteries not required.
  • Players: 2-4.
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