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Barbie Color Reveal dolls deliver an unboxing experience full of surprises - seven of them! A doll with a neon bright tie-dye dance outfit is guaranteed, but each one's neon look remains a mystery until revealed. The packaging is part of the fun - pull the strip to remove the outer layer and reveal a clear tube. Inside are a Color Reveal Barbie doll, whose full look is hidden behind a neon tie-dye coating, and four bags with surprises. Remove everything and fill the tube with warm water, then insert the doll and swirl around. The three neon colors merge into a pink, and when the doll is pulled out, the features are revealed! Each Barbie doll has long neon-colored hair with a bold style and a colorful bodice, but the surprises the bags to discover a tie-dye print skirt, purse, pair of earrings, brush and shoes. Color-change effects on each doll's cheeks add to the surprise and fun. Find the rare doll that also includes a Color Reveal kid-sized charm bracelet and two c

  • With 7 surprises in 1 package, the Barbie Color Reveal dolls deliver all kinds of delight - kids will love revealing the Neon Tie-Dye Series with Original Color Reveal Innovation.

  • Start the reveal experience by removing the outer layer of packaging, opening the tube and pulling out a Barbie doll whose look is covered in a Color Reveal tie-dye print and 4 decorated bags with hidden contents.

  • Fill the tube with warm water, place the doll inside and swirl around -- the 3 neon tie-dye colors blend into a pink color for a magical effect.

  • Pull out the doll to reveal the look - each doll in the series has long, neon-colored hair in a bold hairstyle and a bodice with a cool graphic print, like smiley faces or stars.

  • Open the 4 mystery bags to reveal their surprises - a tie-dye print skirt, a purse, a pair of neon earrings, a brush and dancing shoes; store them in the tube after play.

  • Use icy cold and warm water for a color-change transformation that can be repeated over and over again - change the doll's cheeks to reveal a fun decal, like a unicorn or cactus.

  • Look for the rare Color Reveal Barbie doll with neon orange hair and a bonus Color Reveal kid-sized charm bracelet and 2 charms.

  • Age: 3 Years and Above.
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