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Pick up your badge and join the LEGO City Mountain Police officers as they make a Mountain Arrest! This amazing children's toy set features a 2-level hideout with opening door, bathtub, beehive and post with crane and chain, a police helicopter with opening cab, double spinning rotors, opening door on the back, net shooter, winch with string and hook, plus a crook's escape buggy with space for loot. Includes 4 minifigures and a bear figure.

Includes 4 minifigures: a police officer, pilot and 2 crooks
plus a bear figure.
Features a 2-level crooks hideout with bathtub
opening door, beehive and crane with chain.
Also includes a police helicopter with double spinning rotors
net shooter and winch with string and hook, opening cockpit
sliding rear door, plus an escape buggy
for the crooks with space for a backpack.
Move the crane arm on the hideout to lower the backpack
loot to the ground.
Hit the trigger on the net shooter to launch the net at the crook
while the officer rappels to the ground using the winch and hook.
Accessory elements include 4 water elements, string net
brush, mug, map, backpack and 2 money bills.
This fun children's toy set is suitable for ages 5-12.
As seen in the LEGO City Police TV commercial
5 Years and above
Batteries not required
Police helicopter measures over 5 (13cm) high, 9 (24cm) long and 3 (8cm) wide.
Crooks' buggy measures over 1 (5cm) high, 3 (8cm) long and 1 (5cm) wide.
Hideout measures over 5 (13cm) high, 4 (12cm) wide and 2 (7cm) deep
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