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KWD 19.950
Make bigger discoveries with the versatile Volcano Crawler, featuring wide tracks to move over any obstacles, a big jackhammer arm that rotates on its base and moves up and down, a boulder rack to hold rocks in place and an ATV with a chain to move boulders around.
Includes 3 minifigures: a female ATV driver, male volcano adventurer and a male volcano worker. Features a Volcano Crawler, ATV and a boulder rack. Volcano Crawler features wide tracks that move and a large jackhammer on the back that rotates on its base and extends. Use the ATV to pull the boulder into place. Bring the crawler's jackhammer down onto the boulder to crack it open. Use the pickaxe to open the boulder and reveal the crystal element. Accessory elements include a pickaxe, boulder, crystal element and a shovel. Headgear accessory elements include 2 hard hats and a baseball cap.
6 Years and above
Batteries are not required
Volcano Crawler measures 11 cm high x 19cm long x 11cm wide. Boulder rack measures 4cm wide x 4cm deep x 1cm high. ATV measures 3cm high x 5cm long x 4cm wide.
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