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Monopoly gameplay gets reimagined for The Lord of the Rings fans. The gameboard, artwork, cards, and gameplay are inspired by The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. The characters tokens represent 9 members of the Fellowship. Players build Outposts and Fortresses while moving around a gameboard featuring iconic The Lord of the Rings Middle-earth locations, Weapons, and The Shards of Narsil. Control the Ring of Power. Players battle to take control of the coveted Ring of Power and move around the board with it placed on their character token. It grants special powers to its bearer, but could prove costly if that player rolls the Eye of Sauron! The player who has the Ring also moves a Ring Tracker on a quest to reach Mount Doom. Checkout and shop other Monopoly collection for more fun and excitement.

  • MONOPOLY GAME: THE LORD OF THE RINGS EDITION: Protect the lands of Middle-earth from the armies of Mordor with this Monopoly game inspired by The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.
  • RING OF POWER: Control the Ring and get special powers, but beware! The longer a player has the Ring, the more dangerous it becomes. Rolling the Eye of Sauron can make someone pay a heavy price.
  • MEMBERS OF THE FELLOWSHIP CHARACTER TOKENS: Play as Frodo, Gandalf, Sam, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Pippin, Merry, or Boromir.
  • PATH TO MOUNT DOOM: The player who has the Ring also moves a Ring Tracker along a line of circles on the gameboard toward Mount Doom. Lose or give away the Ring and the Tracker moves back to Start.
  • BOARD GAME FOR 2-6 PLAYERS: The Monopoly game makes a great birthday or holiday gift for kids ages 8 and up, and a fantastic choice for game night with the family.
  • Includes gameboard, 9 Fellowship Character tokens, 1 Ring of Power, 1 cardboard Ring tracker, 28 Title Deed cards, 32 Quest cards, 32 plastic outposts, 12 plastic fortresses, 90 cardboard coins (50 silver coins, 40 gold coins), 2 dice, and game guide.
  • 8 Years and above.
  • Batteries are not required.
  • For 2 to 6 players.
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