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Risk- the game of strategic conquest. Take over the world. Betrayal, Alliances, Surprise attacks! On the battlefield of Risk anything goes. In this classic game of military strategy, you are battling to conquer the world. To win, you must launch daring attacks, defend yourself on all fronts, and sweep across vast continents with boldness and smartness. Remember, the dangers, as well as the rewards, are high. Just when the world is within your grasp, your opponent might strike and take it all away. Build your army and lead your troops to glory in the all-time classic strategic combat game.

  • The classic game of strategic conquest.
  • Attack once, many times, or not at all.
  • Reference cards keep you moving.
  • Earn troops and attack your opponents.
  • Defend your territories when your opponents attack.
  • Gameboard, 5 armies with 40 infantry, 12 cavalry, and 8 artillery each.
  • Deck of 43 cards, 2 reference cards, 5 dice and rules guide.
  • 2 to 5 players.
  • 3 Years and above.
  • Batteries not required.
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