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UGI Summer Camp Open Day

Second qualifying round was also something to look forward to. Once again the event area was filled with passionate stackers. The best part of second qualifying round was, those who couldn’t make it on the semi- finals could also re-enter in the tournament. So, we did see some familiar faces and boy oh boy when they came, they came back with a bang! Thanks for all the stackers who made yet another great night. It was such a great experience for all us that we obviously had something to look forward to on Finale. Winners were announced on our Instagram page following week.

The event started from 4pm- 8pm. As Fantasy World had whole one hour to entertain the kids, the event team held few games on stage such as passing the parcel, FW questions etc. Kids loved dancing with our Freddy Wonderman. Mr. Ricardo also performed few cool magic tricks from Marvin’s Magic which was loved by the kids.

It was a great start of the summer camp. The event was successful and very entertaining. As part of their summer camp activity, they do visit their sponsors for educational and fun purpose. Summer campers will be visiting Fantasy World, The Avenues on 9th August 2016 where the Fantasy World events team plan on to give them the best day.

Snapshots from the event