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Ramadan Ad 2016

Speed Stack Tournament, one of the most requested event from the stack lovers of Kuwait, finally came to fruition on May 2016 at Fantasy World, The Avenues. The tournament was held on each Thursday from 12th May till 26th May 2016. Tournament consisted of 2 days of Qualifying Rounds and a Final Round.

Speed stack tournament was greatly advertised on our social media. Those who were interested to participate had to come to Fantasy World, The Avenues and register their names. Over 40+ kids came in for registration for the first qualifying round itself. The response was overwhelming.

Speed Stack tournament organized by Fantasy World followed the guidelines of WSSA. Team of 6 in-house judges who were to judge the tournament completed their Judges Training Course from WSSA and in-house Tournament Director was appointed for the smooth operation. The event flow was simple, all the stackers were given two warm ups and two tries before each stack. Judges were to note the timings of two tries and best time trial would be highlighted. And participants had to make sure not to get the red card, as no time would be noted if you are shown the red card. Yellow card was treated as a good card as it meant, you made a scratch which was corrected. Green Card was the excellent card as your stacking went well without any fumble or scratch.

The first day of the event was full of positive energy. We could see kids practicing on every possible surface when they could stack. Even though they had their first terminal exam going on, they showed up to participate on the first qualifying round (passionate stackers). They had a great fun and a competition to keep up with. All the participants were briefed about the rules and regulations that they were going to be judged upon half an hour before the actual event time. All the participants were notified about an early arrival via SMS.

I know it could be nerve racking when you are the “center of attention”, your hands get sweaty, your attention gets diverted, and you fumble but kudos to the judges who made them feel at ease to perform well. Many kids amazed us with their skilled speediness. As a small gesture for participating in this tournament, every participant were given Polaroid picture of themselves as a token of remembrance.

Well every good thing comes to an end, so did our 1st day of qualifying round. We called it a night on a positive note. 14 winners were declared on our Instagram page on a first day of the following week.

Second qualifying round was also something to look forward to. Once again the event area was filled with passionate stackers. The best part of second qualifying round was, those who couldn’t make it on the semi- finals could also re-enter in the tournament. So, we did see some familiar faces and boy oh boy when they came, they came back with a bang! Thanks for all the stackers who made yet another great night. It was such a great experience for all us that we obviously had something to look forward to on Finale. Winners were announced on our Instagram page following week.

And here comes the finale of speed stack tournament. Congratulatory and a small reminder SMS was sent a day before for the Final round of Speed Stack tournament. To make the final day a special one, Fantasy World Events Team distributed t-shirts to all the finalist of Speed Stacks which said “Finalist” to wear during the tournament, kids really appreciated it. Semi- Final started with a lot more enthusiasm. The first round was the semi-finals, everyone did their best. Total of 8 were announced as the finalist where they battled for the championship. At this point of time, all the finalist were girls. So, Yeah You Go Girls!

Our very own Mr. Fakhri Al Balki (Retail Manager) and Mr. Neil Richards (HR Manager) came down for the award ceremony. Those who came on 2nd and 3rd position were given Certificate of Excellence and the champions of each stack received a beautiful trophy and KD 20 gift card from Fantasy World. Overall it was a successful event. We received a lot of appreciation and queries for the next tournament. It really has motivated us to organize bigger and better tournament in the near future.

Snapshots from the event