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Ramadan Ad 2016

Fantasy World celebrated its 20- year anniversary with their best friends, the customers of Kuwait. Fantasy World held the celebrations in two of its most popular stores, Al Rai and The Avenues on 2nd December 2016. One surprise that Fantasy World had in store was Frank Truong, an internationally renowned iPad magician who came all the way from France to further energize the entertaining celebration.

The first show was held at Alrai. The event started with emcee welcoming the crowd and informing the crowd about Fantasy World’s 20-year celebration. Emcee conducted few games for the kids and gifts were distributed before Mr. Frank Truong was called in at the stage. Spectators, be it kids or adults, both were amazed to see his magic tricks. After the first set of magic tricks on the stage, Frank preferred to move around and demonstrate his magic tricks to the customers. It was a good show at Alrai with decent no. of people. The show for Alrai was from 6pm -7.30pm.

Avenues had a good crowd. The same event format was used in Avenues. Frank’s magic tricks were devotedly enjoyed. Onlookers were left in awe. He gave away some of the items like Bunchems, Nano helicopter, trash pack, Shopkins etc. during his performance. Kids were very happy. Everyone were happy to meet Frank. Many of the customers were wishing him good luck for his Finale on France Got Talent. Once Frank completed his performance, emcee took over the stage for few more games before ending the show. This time parents were also involved. It was nice to see them actively participating. It was yet again a very good show. I am sure our valued customer enjoyed this experience with us as much as we did it with them.

Snapshots from the event