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The Interactive Wooden Animal Puzzle is a perfect fit for playtime. With four interactive play modes, this puzzle is full of delightful surprises. Match six animal puzzle pieces by shape and colour border. Kids will hear different responses when they place or remove each piece in every mode. Animal names and sounds, colours and fun facts are featured in Animals mode. In Numbers mode, count the objects hidden under the animals. There are three eggs under the blue parrot! Enhance playtime with French mode. Listen to words in French, then hear them repeated in English. Questions about animals, colours and numbers help reinforce the learning. Checkout and shop other Leapfrog collection for more fun and excitement.

  • Hear learning phrases and sounds when pieces are placed or removed.

  • Add a piece to the puzzle to hear animal fun facts and animal sounds.

  • Take a puzzle piece out to count the objects under each animal.

  • Explore animal names and sounds, colours and animal fun facts.

  • Count the objects hidden under the animals when you lift the pieces.

  • Listen to words in French, then hear them repeated in English.

  • Add musical notes and animal sounds to background beats. Hear an animal symphony when all the pieces are removed at once.

  • Respond to prompts and questions about colours, numbers and animals that reinforce the learning.

  • 3 Years and above.

  • Batteries are not required.

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