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"The Taboo Game is the game of unspeakable fun! Who can get their teammates to say ""Brain Freeze"" without being able to say Ice Cream, Headache, Eating, Cold or Fast? Not so easy now, is it? When playing the Taboo game, the obvious clues are strictly forbidden.

Players race against the timer as they try to give creative and carefully worded clues to get team players to guess words fast. But don't mention unmentionables, or it's time for the squeaker, which means losing the point. Players can also play using the Game-changer die to mix things up. If it lands on One Guesser, only one teammate can guess on their turn.

With 4 other possibilities on the die, players better be quick-thinking, and willing to take some risks, but don't get shut down by the squeaker !"


  • 162 cards
  • Squeaker
  • Sand timer
  • Score pad
  • Game-changer die,
  • Game guide.

Get teammates to Guess the word without saying the forbidden words,

Oops! Say a forbidden word and get the squeaker, Includes over 640 Guess words,

Game-changer die lets players change up the game,

Players race against the timer in this fun and fast-paced party game, For 4 or more players.

13 Years and up No battery required
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