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Wiggleboard is the latest core product developed by our company, which has applied for invention patents worldwide and won the German Red Dot Product Design Award in 2020. Wiggleboard is a fitness skateboard designed for children ages 6-13, with a unique play style and appearance that instantly captures the interest of children and parents. This is a brand new product, at present there is no competitor of the same model in the domestic and foreign market, and there are no dealers selling it, which is undoubtedly a big business opportunity for those who have sales channels for children's products!
Easier-to-Ride: The Wiggleboard is specially designed to be a safer, easier-to-ride skateboard for kids
It can be moved only by wiggling one's hips without any contact with the ground; skateboarding with it can be learnt in 30 minutes.
Stable & Safe The non-slip wiggle board constructed of textured ABS deck to increase friction, match with its wide board design and the aluminium alloy truck providing enough support and stability.
Benefits: The skateboard has only three wheels and thus contributes to strengthening the spine and core musculature and supports users to develop their sense of balance, strength and coordination.
6 Years and above
No Batteries required
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