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Friendly faces and fun voices make the Fix-It Buddies Toolbox a favorite with handy little helpers. The toolbox, hammer, saw and screwdriver each have unique voices and songs. Put a tool in its slot to hear encouraging, playful phrases. Tap the nail with the hammer, cut the wood with the saw, and twist the screw with the screwdriver to learn about colors and tools. When toddlers use the tools, cheerful character cards pop up at the back of the toolbox. Fix-it jobs just got more fun!
Meet the hammer, saw and screwdriver. Each tool has its own voice and personality! Learn to tap, saw and twist with real tool sounds The toolbox plays encouraging songs and phrases every time A tool is inserted or removed, rewarding play and cleaning up Kids practice numbers as the hammer counts each nail tap. The toolbox identifies colors and tool names as little ones learn to manipulate objects Character cards pop up at the back of the toolbox as the tools are used for even more cause-and-effect fun
1 Years and above 2 AAA Batteries required (included)
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