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The Bakugan Season 3 Starter Pack has everything you need to be ready for action! Add two epic Bakugan Geogan Rising, one mighty Bakugan Ultra, six powerful BakuCores, and collectible Character and Mastery cards (all included) to your collection. Roll your Bakugan on the included BakuCores to unleash pop-up Baku-action or choose your Bakugan Ultra to perform an epic leap transformation. Plus, use the included Gate Card to discover even more ways to play and earn bonuses. Bringing together new and familiar characters, all Season 3 Bakugan feature exceptional detail and faction symbols, and now you can also collect all Geogan (sold separately). These mysterious Bakugan feature new shapes and unique transformations for even more battle power. Expand your collection, trade with your friends and BEAT. Roll into the heart of the action with the Bakugan Starter Pack containing 3 Bakugan Geogan Rising characters.
BAKUGAN - Bakugan are marbles that transform into fabulous creatures when dueling. A unique concept and closing mechanism: both action figure, skill game, puzzle and collectible; make your children heroes who protect the Bakugan and the Earth against enemies
3 BAKUGAN INCLUDING 1 ULTRA - Each Starter Pack contains 2 classic Bakugan and 1 Ultra Bakugan. Collect all the packs and power up your fights
STARTER PACK - A starter box containing everything you need to build your team of 3 balls and jump straight into battle Bakugan is a unique concept: action figure, skill game, puzzle and collectible all in one
LAUNCH YOUR BAKUGAN TO SEE THEM DEPLOY - A magical transformation mechanism for kids The Bakugan perform a popping action by rolling over the BakuCores, while the Bakugan Ultra performs a leaping action, grabbing the BakuCores to reveal their secret power
Attention random model: this product is part of an assortment, it is therefore possible that you receive it in another color or model than the one presented in visual
COMBAT - Armed with your new classic Bakugan and your Bakugan Ultra, launch into battle against your friends with your Bakugan Geogan Rising and emerge victorious. Integrate a Geogan into combat (sold separately) to reinforce the power of your Bakugan and defeat your opponent
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