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The new 2021 M-Spa Tekapo 6-person spa is all about the unique UVC sanitiser which is able to kill more than 60 disease-causing microorganisms and pathogens whilst using nothing but a light. A mini sterilization chamber with a UVC LED bead is put into the built-in control box so every drop of water in a MSpa hot tub is under 7days 24hours non-stop protection with or without people in the spa. The UVC LED will not harm your skin or eyes as it is completely sealed inside of the control box.

Other great features are the latest designed bias air chamber making the entire spa more stable whilst 132 dynamic air jets help you to stretch out and relax for an invigorating bubble spa massage.

This spa also features an adjustable safety buckle design which makes it easy to connect the top lid.

The Tekapo has an advanced 4-hour auto filtration function with the upgraded filter cartridge which now has 120 pleats and a filtration area of 0.4m2 which is the most efficient filt

  • Latest 2021 MSPA square 6 person spa with UVC Sanitiser and Antibacterial System built-in which can kill more than 60 disease-causing microorganisms and pathogens. Patented square shape in charcoal grey/metallic blue with rhino-tech 6 layer reinforced PVC material with a safety buckle design for the cover.
  • 132 Innovative & Dynamic air jets positioned, releasing 1000's of cushioning bubbles to massage your body. Heats up to 38 degrees.
  • Latest 2021 MSPA remote control will self inflate the spa, adjust Temp, turn bubbles on/off and pre-set heating timer.
  • The new MSPA Tekapo is quite Simply is the best value 6 person inflatable spa on the market.
  • 16 Years and above
  • Batteries not required
  • This spa includes two filter cartridges, a garden adaptor hose (for emptying the water), inflation hose with built-in manometer (for automatically inflating the spa), a top cover with child-proof buckles and owners manual.
  • A 'Bladder' which is an inflatable large cushion that sits on the water for when the spa is not in use. The spa cover will also go over the top of this and is great for not only keeping the spa up to temperature but also helps drain rain water from the spa lid. This can be found in our 'Related products' section.
  • Spa water treatment is a must! It is most important to keep the water safe. We recommend using in tablet form so you will also need a floating dispenser.
  • A Ground Mat of some sort will not only protect your spa but also make it more comfortable to sit in. The most ideal product are the foam 'fit together' square tiles as used in garages and gyms. They are inexpensive to buy as a pack but make a huge difference!
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