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Match Killows Oni Chopper against the Samurai X Mech in a battle for the Oni Mask of Deception, with this action-packed LEGO NINJAGO set. The Oni Chopper features a spinning front saw blade, flip-out blades and detachable skateboards for Killow, while the posable Samurai X Mech has a dual stud shooter, spinning blade and a detachable Samurai X blade. This cool toy for kids also includes 2 minifigures and a big figure with weapons to bolster the role-play battles.
Includes Samurai X and Jay minifigures, plus a Killow big figure.
Oni Chopper features a drivers seat for Killow, spinning front saw blade, 2 flip-out blades, 2 detachable skateboards and a storage compartment with a spiked baseball bat.
Attach the skateboards to Killow's feet and skate into battle.
Samurai X Mech features an opening minifigure cockpit, posable arms and legs, gripping hands, dual stud shooter, spinning blade and a detachable Samurai X blade.
Detach the Samurai X blade from the back of the mech and place it the mechs gripping hand to attack.
Killow big figure comes with a booster pack featuring 2 stud shooters, a booster and a flag element.
Attach the Oni Mask of Deception transformation element to the Killow big figure to make him even more evil!
Weapons include Jay's nunchucks and 2 katanas, and Samurai X's 2 katanas.
Samurai X minifigure is new for January 2018.
Recreate and role-play epic scenes from the NINJAGO Masters of Spinjitzu TV show.
This cool toy for kids is suitable for ages 8-14.
Get weaponized for a dynamic Killow vs. Samurai X duel!
As seen in the LEGO Ride Ninja TV commercial.
8 Years and above
Batteries not required
Oni Chopper measures over 3 (8cm) high, 12 (32cm) long and 3 (10cm) wide.
Samurai X Mech measures over 5 (15cm) high, 2 (7cm) long and 3 (8cm) wide, and 8 (22cm) wide with arms spread.
Killow big figure stands over 2 (6cm) tall.
Killow's booster pack measures over 3 (8cm) high, 2 (6cm) wide and 1 (4cm) deep.
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