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Match Zanes bike against Mr. Es Oni Bike and battle for the Oni Mask of Vengeance, with this exciting LEGO NINJAGO Street Race of Snake Jaguar set. Zanes bike features 2 foldout gold-colored blades, 2 hidden stud shooters on a foldout detachable drone for ground-level or aerial attacks, while the Oni Bike is armed with chopping blades and 2 stud shooters. This cool toy for kids also includes a podium with Oni Mask of Vengeance and Demon Torso elements for the Mr. E minifigure to wear, plus 2 minifigures with weapons to intensify the role-play conflict.
Includes 2 minifigures: Zane and Mr. E.
Zanes bike features a minifigure seat, 2 stud shooters on a foldout, detachable drone, 2 foldout gold-colored blades, a flag element and translucent, ice-blue elements.
Oni Bike features a minifigure seat, 2 chopping blades with spikes, 2 stud shooters, front wheel with spikes, 2 detachable swords and a Sons of Garmadon' flag element.
Push the Oni Bike along to make the blades chop.
Also includes a podium with the Oni Mask of Vengeance and Demon Torso transformation elements for Mr. E, plus 2 katanas.
Attach the Demon Torso (with 2 extra arms) and Oni Mask of Vengeance to Mr. E to make him even more evil!
Includes Zanes bow-and-arrow weapon.
Recreate and role-play epic scenes from the NINJAGO Masters of Spinjitzu TV show.
This cool toy for kids is suitable for ages 7-14.
Stage a high-speed bike showdown!
As seen in the LEGO Ride Ninja TV commercial.
7 Years and above
Batteries not required
Zane's bike measures over 3 (9cm) high, 6 (17cm) long and 2 (6cm) wide.
Detachable drone measures over 4 (11cm) long and 3 (9cm) wide, and under 1 (2cm) high.
Oni Bike measures over 3 (9cm) high, 7 (18cm) long and 2 (7cm) wide.
Podium (including mask and torso) measures over 1 (5cm) high, 1 (4cm) wide and 1 (3cm) deep.
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