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Alonso is a super dog. Every Beamies envy his superpowers, but no one really know why or how he has got superpowers. Its actually a well-kept secret and only a few Beamies know about what happen. He is always saving and protecting his friends. Will you be as brave as him?
Beamie character has glow-in-the-dark decorative elements that glow brightly in the dark! Beamies have a calming effect and are cuddly, cuddly companions on the sofa, at bedtime or when traveling. Now no child has to feel alone anymore. Beamies are easy to care for: Simply wash in cold or lukewarm water and dry at a low temperature. The unique Beamies are made of super soft polyester and a special memory foam filling that always takes on its original shape.
3 years and above.
Size : 18cm
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