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Al Kharafi Center Celebrates Girgean Event

On 19th June 2016, Al Kharafi Center celebrated their annual Girgean Event at their premises. The kids from Al Kharafi center attended the event along with their family.

Fantasy World and other companies like NBK, Mcdonalds were the main sponsor of the event. The event started from 7pm till 10pm. Fantasy World not only gifted sponsored the vent but also became a part of onstage games for the kids.

Freddy Wonderman joined us on the stage. Kids were very excited to see him. Few of the kids joined Freddy for chicken Dance song. Questions related to Fantasy World were asked to the kids and the attendees and those who answered correctly were given gifts from Fantasy World.

Once the onstage Fantasy World activities were over, Freddy distributed Freddy Plush to the attendees. Everyone appreciated the mini Freddy as a giveaway.

Overall, it was a great event and the employees of Al Kharafi Center appreciated Fantasy World for its generous contribution and Participation.

Snapshots from the event