The Great Race, Sky-High Bridge Jump brings the movie to life with fast-paced, flying thrills. After a tall, spiral ascent with Harold the helicopter, Thomas speeds down a huge ramp and the velocity launches him into the air! Thomas soars for over two feet through the air before landing safely on the other side and continuing his journey. Features: • Complete Thomas & Friends™ train set includes motorized. • Thomas train, Harold the helicopter, cargo hopper, cargo piece, and full track layout with ramp and bridge jump. • Send Thomas under the bridge and up the spiral track. • When Thomas reaches the end of the track, Harold will lift him to the top of the ramp. • Thomas lands safely and continues his journey around the rails • Tip the hopper to drop the barrel onto the tracks and Thomas will push it into the cargo area. • Harold can detach from the set to be played with as a separate piece. Age : 12 Months and above Batteries : 2 x AAA batteries required.