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Look bud the plants by the roots! Watch the growth of plants using the gel and colored transparent. Create nutritive gel with the kit "do it yourself" included! The Plantarium consists of a plexiglas box, which is filled with a special gel. This gel provides the nutrients that are needed for the plant to survive - you don't even have to water it. Additionally, the gel is transparent, so that you can also see how the roots of the plants grow. This will additionally trigger the exploratory urge of geeks. The Plantarium comes with three different kinds of seeds (parsley, thyme and arugula). The only thing left to do is to put the seeds onto the gel. As soon as the plants get too big for the plexiglas box, you can either remove the cover of the box and replace the gel with the included soil, or you can remove the plant and put it into a normal flower pot.