Pixel Photo create stunning portraits, with the famous tacks Quercetti, is available to everyone, young and old; it's easy, choose the photo you like, upload it to, printing cards and positional guiding on the tablets, enter the nails and you're done! The nails are only in 6 colors, but if you look from a distance like magic are mixed in thousands of new colors and the image you just created looks like a real photograph. In short, we use, for the first time in the world of toys, the principle of "optical mix" that painters "pointillist" of the nineteenth century have adopted to paint beautiful paintings made of small brushstrokes juxtaposed to each other; instead of brushes and oil paints are the tacks but the end result is practically the same. Pixel Photo, produced with the highest quality and safety standards, can also be considered an extraordinary piece of furniture to decorate the class with the home environment. In addition, the unique ability to choose to play the picture either in color or black and white, discovering that the image in black and white is actually made with colored tacks, amaze and surprise, definitely, all guests.