Pixel Photo create stunning portraits, with the famous tacks Quercetti, is available to everyone, young and old; linked to our site and upload the photo you like, then follow the instructions, print positioning guide tabs on the tablet, insert the nails and you're done! The nails are only six colors, but, looking at the right distance, are mixed, as if by magic, in an image with thousands of new colors and shades, as if it were a real photograph. It 'the same principle, "optical mix", the base of the "pointillist" paintings of the late nineteenth century or the printing process on paper in which, playing a photograph, both color and black and white, passes through the decomposition of the same in many tiny points which are, then, mixed and reassembled by the human eye. The assortment includes 14,800 tacks, 9 perforated tablets and a frame, to secure the tablets, to hang on the walls of the house as if it were a painting. In short, there is everything you need to carry with tacks your favorite photos, both color and black and white, and amaze everyone with his amazing magic explosion of color and definition.