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Hello, I'm Freddy Wonderman

Once upon a time, there was a lonely soldier who lived in a faraway castle. He spent his days dreaming of having plenty of friends who would make him happy. Until, one fateful day, the King and Queen told him to scour the universe in search of the best toy land ever; a place where he could invite his future friends over.

After travelling through many fantastical realms and planets, the toy solider finally stumbled upon a world replete with fun games, activities and the best toys the universe has to offer. He named it "Fantasy World."

Soon enough, children from all walks of life descended upon this wonderful world to play with the toy solider and become the friends he had always wished for. They lived happily ever after.

Boys World Little Big Imaginations

Because boys will be boys, Fantasy World is committed to cater to their whims, imagination and curiosity. Our selection will not only offer them exciting toys to play with but also enrich their learning experience in a way that is both surprising and fun.

Girls World Grownup Fantasies

Every girl has her own dream of becoming a woman with a beautiful ambition. Whether she likes to paint, play in a play house, build things, or has a passion for cooking. Fantasy World offers a colourful variety of toy products that suits her unique imagination and enriches her life to the fullest.

Tweens When Creativity Starts to Have Fun

Make the young lady in your life happy with Fantasy World's collection of tween toys and gifts made from popular lines, characters, and brand names. Choose from a variety of toys and crafts featuring fashion accessories, beauty supplies and clothing, as well as arty kits, chapter books, stationary and more. It's a perfect way for girls to explorer their creativity, be active and enjoy fun games with their peers.

Hottest Toys Discover Fun-tacular Trends in Play!

Those searching for the hottest toys will find a treasure trove in Fantasy World. From action figures and outdoor play, to cars, dolls, arts and crafts, we have an eclectic mix that you won't find anywhere else. Whether you are shopping for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion, at Fantasy World, you are bound to find the best and newest toys that children everywhere have been asking for!

Early Years It All Starts with the Perfect Toy

It's amazing how quickly babies develop during the first year or two. And as they are just starting to discover their world, it's important to stay on top of the changes by offering them toys that stimulate their curiosity, hone their social skills and awaken their sense of wonder.

Outdoor & Sports Everyday Is an Adventure

Thanks to Fantasy World, you can transform any outdoor space into an adventure-filled play land with outdoor playsets and toys. Our exciting selection will help you engage your children in a healthy, active play style that is super fun for both you and them.

Amazing Minds Putting Young Minds at Play

Brainiacs. Those are the boys and girls who love playing games that give their brains a good workout. Such toys include puzzles, brainteasers, arts activities, mysteries and mazes. It’s the perfect way to turn fun time into learning time!

The Edge Give Them a Gift that Awakens Their Creativity

The days of fretting over the perfect present for that special someone are no more. Designed to be the ultimate gift store, the Edge offers plenty of fun, unique and innovative products for men and women for every occasion, from the most unique gifting ideas to the latest gadgets and gizmos. You will find the perfect gift that brings out the kid in everyone.